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2010 · 2014

After a first poster for a Hip-Hop concert, Humanitart asked me to create the identity of a mini-festival, the BPM (Barbecue Park Music). The goal was to pull them out of the classic Hip-Hop image they could have.

I thought about finding something that could speak to most and created a plump logo based on the Ziggurat font. I then imagined the chubby baby like the sun of a summer day :)

It was spot on because on the big day we passed young people, old people, strollers, rich people and less ones in the Mercœur square in Nantes.

In 2014, changing the event format (smaller but recurrent through summer), we decided to go from classic A6 flyers to business cards, less prone to being thrown away on top being original. Informations have been reduced to the bare minimum and I later proposed a “scribbled” illustrated version based on photos from the events.

The public was often surprised by this format and came forward to the Sunday rest, who regularly gathered more than a thousand party-animals. So much that it wasn’t rare to see people showing business cards they kept when making distributions.



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